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FOR WRITERS: Ace Characters and Intimacy

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Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Rory Ni Coileain:

How do you show an intimate relationship with Ace characters that doesn’t involve even fade-to-black closed-door sex?

This is a potentially sensitive topic, so please be careful to avoid stereotypes and treat the subject respectfully.

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1 thought on “FOR WRITERS: Ace Characters and Intimacy”

  1. Just writing about the sharing of emotion that tightens the bond between characters. Some of the most intimate interactions between two characters doesn’t need to include sex to be profound. Just letting the other know in a way that is so tangible it can be felt that they are not alone. Something as simple as going over to sit by someone who is going through an emotional or stressful time without even saying a word, just being there, can be used to devastating effect in a book.


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