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For Writers: Adjust-a-Bot


Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Freddy MacKay:

Freddy flagged this article:

For perfectionist cosplayers, trying to create the ideal costume can be frustrating. If you don’t have a mannequin, then you’re stuck using a table and rulers and guessing your size. If you do have a mannequin, then it might be too big or too small, still resulting in rulers and guessing and potential tears the night before the convention.

But now, there is hope! The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing has recently shown off their latest creation that combines robots and fashion in the most helpful way possible: the iDummy, an electronically adjustable mannequin.

Cosplayers rejoice! Robot mannequin transforms to any body size/shape with the click of a button

What else could we use an adjustable robot for? ;)

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