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For Writers: Hiding in Plain Site

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Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Justine Bonczek:

I find it interesting when writers create huge hidden worlds that exist within plain site of existing worlds.

While Harry Potter is not sci fi, it’s still a great example of a functioning society that invests a huge amount of time, money and effort into staying hidden from the larger world.

I find this concept to be fairly prevalent in queer fiction as well, and I’m curious if there are some parallels of being queer and also “hiding in plain site.”

My question is, what is the draw to creating worlds that exist alongside but hidden in our world? What sort of challenges do you find when you take this route and what sort of unique ways have you found to overcome your obstacles?

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1 thought on “For Writers: Hiding in Plain Site”

  1. Absolutely, there are parallels. In the Navel, the Shadow Forest, and Omphalos, I wrestle with the concept of this village, which is between worlds. A little bit of different times and places trickle into this town, with the different people who finds themselves there. The Navel is a curio shop, but the curios are often lost fragments of people taking the forms of dolls, crystals, skulls, or cups. Or metal chicken god icons, but Gabrielle may just being wacky, by keeping those icons in her store. You’re not sure what Gabrielle herself is either, although the Navel’s proprietor tries to keep things from getting too serious by wearing a series of funny hats. :)


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