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FOR WRITERS: OMG, I Got a Table at a Con. Now What?

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Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Erik Schubach:

Many of us authors have set up signings with local venues like book stores, where all the purchasing is done through the store as they consign your books, or major chains who oder boos in for the occasion.

But not many of us have had the occasion to have a table or booth as convocations such as gay pride festivals or comicons. We think “Eh… it can’t be that different can it? I’m a badass, eclair eating platypus at the signings.”

Yes… yes it can be that different. It is as different as night and day, or a balloon and an arthropod from Tau Ceti Prime.

So we hope we can share the hair pulling, checklist making, deadline crunching nightmare truth of it… then give you a little insight on how to make it a little less like an all night drinking binge and more like Elsa singing up a snowflake.

To our writers – how do you prepare for a table at a con? And what has surprised you the most?

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