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For Writers: Page Sharing

Scott Page

We had a great session yesterday with Naomi from Dreamspinner on social media for writers. If you missed it, you can find the transcript here:


One of the things that came up was the effectiveness of using targeted FB ads. Essentially, by spending $5-$15 a month, you can boost visits to your FB page – even this small amount has a “halo” effect, bringing more traffic to your page in general, as FB rewards you for spending money in their ecosystem.

Plus these ads can be targeted very specifically – for instance, you could choose to have them shown only to people who are members of the Dreamspinner page, or QSF.

But there is a catch. You can’t run them until you have 200 likes on your own author page.

So today we thought we’d help each other out. If you have an author page, post it below, and then like the others posted here too. That way we can help each other build up our page memberships. For this particular exercise, pages only, please. We can do another one for groups, if y’all want.

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