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4 thoughts on “FOR WRITERS: Queer Publishers”

  1. I know some publishers that just went under (due to questionable ethics I guess- Torquere for one), but it made me open the doors of Yaoifix to accept submissions for publishing, so we’re here!

    As for more mainstream publishers, Captive Prince was published by Berkeley (which is part of Penguin). I think they may be the biggest and most well-known to publish queer fiction, but don’t hold me to that! Other smaller publishers like YF include Less Than Three Press, and I know they’re reputable.

    Hope that helps! :)

  2. Is paranormal dead? Dreamspinner just passed on my paranormal romance involving a psychic. I submitted to Riptide, but they don’t seem to be publishing much for paranormal either, so I’m expecting a decline. Do readers just not want it anymore? I love it, but I might be out of touch on this.


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