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For Writers: Reworking Older Works



Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Jeff Baker:

What older fantasy/sci-fi work would you like to re-work with queer. characters or themes? How would you change it?

Extra points if you can identify the image above, by the original title and the new one I have given it. :P

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3 thoughts on “For Writers: Reworking Older Works”

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land!
    And that’s a good question. Tough for me to answer because I find I don’t like to slash classic lit (sci-fi I consider in that category too!).
    I’m curious what others would like to rework though!

  2. I was gonna say “Lord of the Rings”, but that would take about three sentences to make the Gimli/Legolas relationship be a touch more clearly romantic.

    Then I was gonna say “The Worm Ouroboros”, but that doesn’t need much rework either.

    So — “A Fall of Moondust”. It’s not exactly a great romance as it is. Turning some of the straight couples into gay couples wouldn’t change much. But having them be unremarkably gay, in a setting where gay couples were not noteworthy, would say a lot and would probably please Clarke a great deal.

  3. Your picture is definitely Stranger in a Strange Land, one of my favorite classics (although a little sexist from a modern-day read).

    For me, The Expanse would be more interesting with an M/M retelling. Holden/Miller already have “something” going on. Maybe a little supporting character action with Kamal/Burton. Or change Nagata’s gender and go with the Holden/Nagata romantic line that is already in the stories.


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