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2 thoughts on “For Writers: Stock Photo Sites”

  1. For those of us who aren’t on FaceBook (I may well be the only QSFer who isn’t) it would be great if this list could be posted on the site when everyone’s tossed in their two-cents’ worth.

    Just my USD .02.



  2. For those of you not on Facebook. :)

    I’m a graphic designer, so I try to keep a good collection of quality websites as go-to’s when I’m working on a project. Here’s what I have in my stock favorites folder.

    Free and/or public domain

    Royalty free (this means you pay a small one-time fee for use)
    https://www.graphicstock.com/ (subscription based fees, rather than a one-time fee)

    Please read the terms of service before using these sites. Even if they are free to use, many of them require–or at least want–credit/attribution, which I think is totally reasonable. 

    Also, if you are using images related to LGBTQ themes (book covers, promotional graphics, etc.), be especially careful with the terms of service when using stock depicting models. For example, from Dreamstime ToS about “sensitive subjects”: You are solely responsible for the use of any Media in combination with any other material, and you agree not to use Media with sensitive topics without Dreamstime`s separate written agreement. Such sensitive topics include, but are not limited to: models with mental or physical health issues, social issues, sexual activity, sexual orientation or related, substance abuse, crime or other subjects that can be considered to be offensive or unflattering to any of the models included in the image. You must contact Dreamstime for additional information prior to any use of an Media with any sensitive topic.

    For those looking for great stock photos for book covers (and have some cash to spend on it), check out http://novelexpression.com/book-cover-images for some great high-quality romance images (they have M/M and F/F couples available now).

    If you’re new to all this and are confused about terms such as copyright, royalty free, public domain, etc., check out https://goo.gl/NM3m9G which defines all of them clearly.


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