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FOR WRITERS: Things That Act Like People

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Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Tam Ames:

What about anthropomorphic … things? There was a cute book that I have yet to read with a book who was anthropomorphic and other creatures. Think The Little Toaster for grown-ups. Anyone done it? Read it? Hate it? Love it? Too… out there?

In the original chat, Tam had specified “no shifters.” But I like the idea of exploring non-animate shifters here too. :P

This is a legacy chat.

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1 thought on “FOR WRITERS: Things That Act Like People”

  1. I don’t see why we have to rule out much of anything in the way of what kinds of stories we can write. Why not give certain objects a point of view? I wrote one once with a cuckoo-clock bird as the narrator, who turns out to report to Santa whether his “people” have been good or bad. The poor bird was very confused at some of the action he’d seen, which seemed both bad and highly enjoyable for the participants, but Santa set him straight on “love is love.” Just a little challenge piece for a discussion group–I never tried to publish it–but a fun change of pace.


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