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3 thoughts on “FOR WRITERS: What’s Easiest?”

  1. Closest I came to writing a sex scene was a snuggling-in-bed scene and that was one time! Just breezed out of me! But that was a one-off! And I just finished the only fight scene of my career, which owes more to Abbot and Costello than Jack Johnson vs Jim Corbett! Probably dialogue is easier for me, but that’s after a lot of experience and practice!

  2. Out of everything, dialogue is easiest for me too. Setting a scene, the right atmosphere, etc. is most difficult. It doesn’t matter what type of action it is, it’s harder.

  3. I find dialogue and character development to be the easiest. I can go in very creative ways for pages when it comes to dialogue and enhancing my character’s personalities, reactions, etc. is very fulfilling.

    I find the most difficult aspect of writing in sci-fi/fantasy to be fighting (pacing in particular) and moving characters from point A to point B.


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