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For Writers: When is it Done?


Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Alicia Nordwell:

“How do you know when a story is finished?”

It’s a great question, both in general – how long do you keep going? And specifically – what ending will wrap up the story best and in the most satisfying way? And of course, is it in good enough shape editing wise to let it go out into the world?

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2 thoughts on “For Writers: When is it Done?”

  1. Perhaps I’m odd…uh, well, we already know that to be true in a more general sense…but with everything I’ve published, and all 7 of the things that are currently actively in progress, I always know how the story ends. I honestly can’t recall ever not knowing, when I start writing, either what the exact last lines are, or what the last scene/emotional feel of the last scene is. Then I write toward that ending, figuring out how to get there.

    My challenge is figuring out how to get to that ending, because sometimes when I start I know what the first lines are and what the last lines are and have no bloody idea how I’m going to get from A to Z.

    Ain’t writing fun?


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