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FOR WRITERS: When Readers Don’t Get It


Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Bey Deckard:

Here is my writer question, and I think it’s particularly for indie writers or those with small presses that have some control over their books:

What do you do when someone reads your new book “wrong”? I don’t mean when a reader doesn’t get your genius and misunderstands your cunningly crafted plot line ;)

I mean, what do you do when a reader picks up your book thinking it’s historical when really it’s fantasy or AU? Or when they expect the book to be all about hardcore BDSM when in fact it’s actually a romance? Chances are, you’ve tried to make it clear what the book is about in the blurb and you’ve picked an suitable cover, and you think you’ve marketed it appropriately… but then uh-oh—the reviews coming in all highlight historical inaccuracies or disappointment in the lack of hardcore kink. What do you do? Do you re-write the blurb? Do you quickly add a clarifying note at the beginning of the book? Do you re-market it? Or do you do nothing, hoping that your book will get enough readers reading it “right” to make a difference in your ratings?

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