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Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Carrie Pack Chowske:

I’d love to hear the perspectives of authors who write F/F or bisexual or trans stories. How do you get attention for your books?

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1 thought on “FOR WRITERS: Writing FF”

  1. In my Sword and Sorcery series, I introduce Shadyia as the protagonist. She is a valued, well paid (and protected) courtesan in high-class brothel called “The Silver Rose.” She was neither looking for adventure nor love, but both found her on a fateful night when a noble from the king’s house brings his personal guard to beat and rape Shadyia. She kills all three men, much to the surprise of her madam and “sisters.” That puts her on a collision course with her destiny that takes her to a lost and forgotten city of wonders, a magician desperate to keep a demi-god from unleashing destruction upon humankind, and her own personal fears that she will fail in the face of such overwhelming odds and lose the one person in her life that means more to her any anything.

    As for how to get noticed. The only answer I have found is by building a reader base, keep writing books (I’ve published three, with a fourth in the works) and spend ungodly amounts of money on ads with the prayer it will be returned one day. Until then…it’s starving artist time.

    Book 1 is “Beneath the Silver Rose”


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