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Ghosts, Spooks, Hauntings, and Other Mayhem From Beyond the Grave


Okay, it’s time for another foray into the paranormal. Today, I’m taking about an area that gets little press these days, what with all the shifters, vampires, and zombies that seem to be roaming the Earth these days.

Whatever happened to the good old-fashioned ghost story? You know, your Amityville Horrors, your Paranormal Activities, your Poltergeists?

The kind of story that, without ever showing the creepy antagonist, could raise the hairs on your arms?

I still remember watching Poltergeist, and getting the thrill of my spine when the little girl put her hands on the TV screen, filled with static, and said “They’re baaaack”.

Are there any good ghost stories out there these days? Whether they are bone chillingly scary, or explore the more romantic side of our sheet covered friends?

What about LGBT-themed ghost stories?

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4 thoughts on “Ghosts, Spooks, Hauntings, and Other Mayhem From Beyond the Grave”

  1. I confess, I scare easily. I tend not to watch horror movies because I retain those kinds of images long after the show is over. I’ve tried several times to watch Supernatural, and it left me too wound up to enjoy it. So why do other paranormal and sci-fi elements enthrall me? Perhaps it’s because on some level, I don’t believe those things could ever happen–where as the little kid in me is still afraid of ghosts. :-)

    As a story-teller, however, any relationship between a ghost and a human (be it good or bad) has the whole ‘great divide’ of life and death standing between the characters. Falling in love with a ghost is a recipe for a sad story. Being haunted by one means the goal will be trying to exorcise it. So I guess I find the story-telling a bit restrictive. But damn, now you have me wanting to write one just to have it turn out differently. :-)

  2. Scott, I know this isn’t a place for tooting our own horns, but I wrote a gay-themed ghost story “Soumets-toi a moi”, a short taking place during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. :)

  3. I love ghost stories, and actually I have read a number of really good M/M romance ghost stories ranging from really funny to really scary to a bit of both. Top of my list, and definitely in the bit of both category, is John Inman’s Spirit. Then there is Rhys Ford’s Fish and Ghosts, with a sequel called Duck Duck Ghost on the verge of release. Stephen Osborne’s Duncan Andrews Thriller series–Pale as a Ghost, The Scarlet Tide, and, pending release this week, Dead End–are wonderful books with a private eye who investigates supernatural cases and has a boyfriend who is a ghost. And F.E. Feeley Jr.’s Objects in the Rearview Mirror is a terrifically spooky ghost story. I keep an eye out for good M/M ghost stories. Can’t get enough of them!


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