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Graphic Novel / Web Comic Week: Tommy Roddy

Graphic Novel / Web Comic Week

Hey all,

The long-awaited second annual graphic novel week is here! Each day we’ll be interviewing a different graphic novel writer, artist or team.


Tommy Roddy – Pride High

Pride High follows the adventures of a Gay-Straight Alliance at a school for superpowered youth. When one of their friends dies under mysterious circumstances, the kids take matters into their own hands with the investigation. Along the way, they still have to deal with pop quizzes, bullies, and friendships frayed by homophobia.


Tommy RoddyTommy Roddy is the creator and writer of Pride High. The comic was shaped in part by his experiences as a gay, biracial teen at a residential high school. He was the recipient of the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant in 2007. Also that year, he was awarded by Blind LGBT Pride for the positive portrayal of a blind lesbian teen and the availability of Pride High in Braille.

It’s been a great week – thanks to everyone who participated!

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