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Happy Fourth Birthday, QSF


Today is the Fourth Birthday for Queer Sci Fi. Yes, it’s sad but true – QSF didn’t always exist, except maybe in some fever dream.

But we’re here now, and to celebrate, we’re gonna give away a $20 gift certificate to Amazon or the Publisher of your choice (assuming they give gift certificates)!

For a chance to win, just comment on the Facebook post for this celebration about how you found QSF the first time, or something good that has happened to you because of the group.

LOL I know, fishing for compliments. :)

Winner to be chosen at random.

Love y’all!

–Scott, Angel, Ben and Mark

2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Birthday, QSF”

  1. Happy Fourth Birthday not sure how I found you! I was probably looking for Gay Sci Fi and M/M books and found your site that way.


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