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Launching a New Idea

That's Me on the Left with Mark
That’s Me on the Left with Mark

My name is J. Scott Coatsworth, and I’ve been a writer since birth.  I’ve never published much (yet) but have always had a passion for reading and writing sic fi.

I’m also gay, and happily married to my husband after 21 years together.

Now it’s time to bring those two halves of my life together.  I am actively writing again for the first time in fifteen years, and I’m diving deep into the intersection of fantasy-sci fi and being gay.

Not sure where all this will lead me just yet, but here goes.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

1 thought on “Launching a New Idea”

  1. I know these two guys who have crowned the dream of their life, joining together, and I know that Scott has always loved and wanted to write stories. In particular fiction. And if you now want to get back to writing, he certainly has my support and that of my partner Fabrizio!


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