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Hormones and Misspent Youth

Misspent Youth - Peter HamiltonQSFer John Allenson provided today’s topic of the day: “If you want to see what happens when a male is driven insane by an onslaught of hormones observe any teenage boy. Males hit their hormonal peak at age 17 while the part of the brain that controls impulse doesn’t finish developing until the early twenties. Any of the Transmen that I know will talk about how the first few injections of Vitamin T (testosterone) gives them roid rage.”

Peter Hamilton explored this a bit in his sci fi book Misspent Youth – where the first man to undergo a rejuvenation process to return him to a biological age of about 18 suddenly finds himself in the throes of his youthful hormones and competing with his own son for a girl’s affections.

But as John points out, there’s also a transgender angle to this – what happens, especially with testosterone, when a body is suddenly flooded with it?

So my questions today – What stories can we tell around this topic? What will the future bring as we get better at both medical science in general for teens, and specifically at gender/sex changes?

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