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How Aliens and Elves Get it On

Alien Sex

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Elizabeth Barrette:

“Alien or fantasy sex/gender dynamics. Not just the concept itself, but how it affects biology, plot, and so forth. This includes nonstandard pronoun sets, which are tricky yet rewarding to handle.”

OK, so let’s break this down a little.

On the sci fi side, you could create a whole new alien species that reproduces in a vastly different way than humans. Maybe they lay eggs. Or maybe reproduction requires three sexes. Or licking. With a second tongue.

On the fantasy side, magic might be involved, or inter-species relationships (dwarves and elves, anyone?).

And lets not forget the gender side outside of sex.

So let’s have some fun with this today. As a writer, have you written any stories that include alien or fantasy genders or sex? Have you read any good examples of this in the LGBT universe? Beth, this is your chance to talk mpreg!


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