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How Long Would Your City Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse

In The Walking Dead, Rick and his cohort of fellow survivors make their way north from the zombie infested south in search of a safe haven where they might be able to restart their lives in peace. As of the current season of the show, just over a year’s time has passed since the initial breakout and as best as we can tell the dead vastly outnumber the living across the entire country.

If you’re a fan of the TWD (or general zombie preparedness), then you’ve no doubt wondered just how long you’d survive the zombie apocalypse. What would you pack, what would you wear, where would you go? According to Alex Alemi, a physics researcher at Cornell University, one of the most important elements factoring into your chances of survival is the city you live in.

In a paper Alemi and a team of fellow researchers recently published and presented to the American Physical Society, they explore the hypothetical outbreak of a zombie plague using models based on the spreading patterns of real world diseases.

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