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How the Outcome of the Election Was Like “Lord of the Rings”

Lord of the Rings

Our national nightmare is finally over. Trump is going down.

Being a fantasy enthusiast and Dungeons & Dragons role-playing geek, I can’t help but see the defeat of Donald Trump in terms of the genre I love.

The One Ring has been destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, and Sauron’s mighty eye has fallen from the top of its tower. The White Witch has been dethroned and killed by Aslan. Voldemort has had all his horcruxes destroyed and is therefore defenseless when his own destructive spell is turned back at him.

If you’re offended that I see Donald Trump and his Republican enablers as evil villains, or you think this is exactly the sort of left-intolerant rhetoric that got Trump elected in the first place – I don’t know what to tell you. For five years, I’ve watched Trump and his Republican sycophants spew nothing be fear, cruelty, xenophobia, racism, and lies, doing everything they can to degrade both our democracy and our discourse.

Honestly, if that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.

But here’s the thing. I’ve learned something from all these fantasy stories I love: evil can’t be destroyed.

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3 thoughts on “How the Outcome of the Election Was Like “Lord of the Rings””

  1. 49% of your country approved of and want more of Trump and ‘delicious lib tears’. That fact remains, along with substantial support for the idea that the election was illegimate and ‘stolen’. Even if the nightmare scenarios of not ceding, legal shenanigans, recount bullying, faithless elector slate (with zero legal recourse in PA, GA) and finally delaring the election invalid and wiping it for a state vote or raising a miltia (see don’t come to pass – and with this crazy guy anything is possible – it still leaves half the nation divded against the other.

    Then in 2022 midterms pass and with an increasing conservative lockdown Biden is in the same place and Obama was, hamstrung, and will be made the Judas goat for all the losses incurred over the pandemic, recession and trade deficiets. Then, 2024, rise of Trumpism/conservative base again in a vengeful strike back against ‘the forces of evil.’

    The battle has been won (for now) but the war against injustice, oppression, demagogery and repression is eternal. I don’t how this rift can be mended, or if it even can be. Biden’s speech was inclusive, inspirational, compassionate and gracious – truly presidential. Maybe the sane people can negotiate a compromise in the middle or call a truce. My prayers are with you, America.


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