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How Will Marriage Equality Change Everything?

Marriage EqualityAs we approach the legalization of marriage equality on Tuesday in Florida, the third largest state in the US, I’m pulling out my crystal ball to look into the future.

Mark and I have been married now for 6 years, and together for almost 23. Marriage really has changed things for us – we feel different together. People treat us differently. When I introduce him as my husband, hardly anyone seems to give it a second thought.

I have spent so much energy in the last seven years pushing for LGBT rights and marriage equality. Many in the LGBT community and our allies have done the same.

So there’s all this energy that will soon no longer be needed, at least on the US marriage equality fight. Where might we direct that energy in the future?

As an example, when the fight to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was won a few years ago, all those military folks who had been fighting the discriminatory policy were freed up to pursue other things, and the fight that had been on two fronts, against DADT and the Defense of Marriage Act, was suddenly only on one.

So my question today is simple and social sci fi based – put on your prognosticator’s hat and tell me how you think the legal recognition will change things, in the US around the world, and in society. And where will all that energy go?


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1 thought on “How Will Marriage Equality Change Everything?”

  1. I won’t resume to try to tell the future but I know where I hope that energy will go. I hope it gets focused on changing attitudes and behaviors in American schools. As the parents of two young adults, I can tell you first-hand that kids can be so cruel and our schools are ill-equipped to do anything about it. The internet and social media have made it worse by giving the haters a global forum. If we can put a stop to the bullying and abuse that happens to LGBTQ kids in every school every day, then we’ll be on our way to justice and equality.


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