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Iceman Comic Revived for a New Run


Marvel has revived gay solo superhero series Iceman for a new run. The series will be written by gay creator Sina Grace, who helmed Bobby Drake’s last solo arc. He will be joined by artist Nathan Stockman, a new addition to the series.

Marvel Comics canceled the last solo series for Iceman, which ran for 2017-2018, blaming low sales. So it was a surprise to see the return of the gay mutant.

The returning series introduces new problems for Iceman in the form of a mysterious villain who is hunting Morlocks for sport. Morlocks are the ‘underground mutants’, who’s ugly appearance and unusual powers force them to live in the sewers. Iceman will have to discover who is killing off the Morlocks if he hopes to prevent another Mutant Massacre. The first issue will also feature a guest appearance by Bishop. ‘While he’s fine enough running a team, he knows it’s not where his strengths are best put to use,’ Grace said in an interview with Marvel.com.

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