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If Men Were the Ones Who Got Pregnant…

Thomas BeatieFrom QSFer Tam Ames: “Mpreg. I don’t even like it, but it does seem like something that is tackled when talking sci-fi and there are readers who enjoy it. Maybe I could get more behind an alien that lays eggs if they were less humanoid. TN Tarrant i like mpreg just for the basic role reversal….it’s kinda fun making some poor male hormonally crazy.”

Ah, a fun one. :) We’ve seen depictions on film of male pregnancy – most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior. And we’ve actually had some male pregnancies in the last few years – albeit in trans men who still had their female plumbing.

But in the near future, will we figure out how to impregnate men who were born biologically male? How would we (or an alien race) do it? And if so, how would that change society and flip gender roles? Or would it?

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