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“Immortal Sins” by Thursday Euclid and Clancy Nacht

25960601Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

Length: Novel

Series: Immortal Sins #1


OWEN CLARK works as a security guard at the Houston Museum of Natural History. After a brutal breakup, he’s living low key, but it’s safe to say that his new life is a bit boring.

Well, never fear, Owen, because you’re about to be stalked by a centuries old vampire (from Sparta), who has some pretty kinky plans for you… which you manage to make kinkier… because you’re just that kind of special. You two were made for each other.

All joking aside, I loved this novel. This is, and it isn’t, your standard vampire fare. Yes, there’s a super old vampire in the story, lusting after a twinky mortal. And yes, the twinky mortal abandons his old life, becomes a vampire, and is thrust into vampire politics (which are cray cray), and almost dies a bazillion times from his new siblings trying to kill him. But Owen isn’t all that he seems from first glance. This “boring” security guard has a pretty dark past. Like… crazy dark. (I’m pretty sure in a continuation of the series, we’ll get more detail on Owen’s evil deeds, but let’s just say Owen’s not too keen on the Ten Commandments.)

In another way this isn’t your standard vampire novel, is there’s incredible writing (haha #notsorry). The prose of this piece is incredibly rich with detail, and it helps bring the characters and setting to life. Speaking of characters, it becomes pretty clear that our old fogey vampire, Ander, is in way over his head with Owen. But that’s what makes it so much fun.

I call Ander an old fogey, but really I think he’s just tired. He’s old. His progeny are cray cray. And no one remembers the good old days–y’know–the days where you bottled up all your feelings, and then ate people’s hearts right out of their chests. *sigh* Man, Ander misses those days. But even though Owen severely damages Ander’s calm, he’s definitely good for him. The way the two compliment each other provides an amazing chemistry, and develops both of their characters. I’d love to go into more detail, but just read it already (I know, some reviewer I am, right?).

Thursday Euclid has a website, which is pretty awesome. Not only does it have his books and a blog, in a visually appealing format, but it’s titled, Queer as Fuck. Which pretty much means I gotta read it. Check it out:

Clancy Nacht also has a website, and it’s bitchin’ too. These two have worked together on quite a few projects. Looks like a match made in heaven.

B. A. Brock is a reviewer for DSP and QSF. He enjoys reading, writing, running, family and food, and fills his life with bent bunk. He especially loves to discuss LGBTQ+ literature. His website is You can find him on Goodreads:


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