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INTERVIEW TODAY: Bob Appavu, Demon of the Underground Webcomic

Bob Appavu

Hey all…

We have something special today. At 11 AM, we’ll host Bob Appavu, creator of the Demon of the Underground webcomic for an interview on the QSF Facebook group:

ADMIN NOTE: I met Bob at the Dreamspinner Retreat and am so excited to interview her about her web comic and writing. –Scott

Bob Appavu is a freelance illustrator, webcomic creator, and author from the Chicago suburbs. Whether writing or drawing, her passion is creating plot-driven stories with complex LGBTQ lead characters.

Bob is an avid animal lover and can’t imagine life without furry and feathered housemates. When not at work, she’s either playing with a ferret, chatting with a bird, or refueling with a cup of tea.

Demon of the Underground (webcomic):

Pogo, a big-mouthed young thief from Chicago, falls through a hole in the ground and finds himself in a brutal underground world where survival is based on strength and intimidation. His only hope for escape is his telekinetic ability—and the help of a stray ferret named Annie.

In the underground, pride, brutality, and backstabbing are ways of life. Only the strong survive.

Pogo finds himself in the middle of a tug-of-war between the four underground spheres who want him for different—and often sinister—reasons. In order to survive, he allies himself with Jasper Samsid, King of the East Sphere. Samsid promises that if Pogo helps him rise to the top, he will allow Pogo to return to the surface. But will Samsid be true to his word? And does Pogo have the ability to move beyond the politics of the underground and form a true, loyal relationship with Samsid?

Devoted: Merritt’s Story (written novel series about one of the webcomic’s supporting characters, available on Patreon):

In the underground’s North Sphere, low-ranking orphans are sold to the military, their lives signed away in thankless servitude. Merritt, an idealistic private, is destined to die in obscurity until a brash act of treason reveals his prodigious tactical skills, earning the attention of King Damen Mercury.

Mercury gives Merritt a second chance, opening doors into the North’s elite. With Merritt’s newfound power, he struggles to find the balance between serving the needy and pleasing his charismatic but cutthroat king. Mercury’s inner circle is within reach—but Belmont, Mercury’s right hand, sees Merritt as a threat and resolves to take him down.

To stay ahead of the cunning and manipulative Belmont, Merritt must bend the rules, compromise his values, and forge risky alliances. But as he gets closer to Mercury’s inner circle—and closer to Belmont—he’s forced to confront the true nature of servitude to his king.


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2 thoughts on “INTERVIEW TODAY: Bob Appavu, Demon of the Underground Webcomic”

  1. Same here, I couldn’t be there for the interview and always hoped that there’d come a transcript for it here, especially as it sounded like there were plans for it (or so Bob wrote in the Patreon announcement for the interview back then) I’d love to be able to still get to read it at some point, even if it’s been several months now


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