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Is Severus Snape Trans?

Severus Snape

Harry Potter theories are a way for fans to keep their favourite fictional world alive. From the creator herself, JK Rowling, revealing that Dumbledore is gay to the fan theory Ronbledore, which suggests Ron and Dumbledore are the same person, these added extras to the actual storyline are a brilliant way to introduce new dimensions to the books and film.

One of the more recent theories is about Severus Snape: the former death eater who is besotted with Harry Potter’s mother, Lily. Snape is portrayed as a pretty evil character for a good portion of the books but we soon come to realise that he has actually devoted his life to protecting Harry because of his love for his mother.

However a new theory has emerged, and it’s shockingly convincing. Severus Snape is transgender.

By Meka Beresford – Full Story at Pink News

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