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Is Testosterone the Wonder Drug of the Future?

TestosteroneA growing number of “age management” clinics across the country are beginning to seriously market testosterone therapy treatments as a means of combatting the natural side effects of growing older. More often than naught, we associate the transformative aspects of supplemental testosterone injections with transmen in the process of transitioning. But as Dr. Paul Campion explains in a lengthy profile in Fusion, the community of proponents for testosterone as a rejuvenating agent is growing larger.

“Testosterone is ridiculously powerful,” Campion says. “I can tell you from experience, the feeling of well-being, of focus, and of masculine energy are massively increased. It’s like you’re back to being 35.” Campion goes on:

“The emerging popularity of testosterone has opened up whole new business models for entrepreneurial doctors. Chains of shops that provide the hormone have exploded all over the United States, especially across the South. How many millions more men might be willing to try testosterone if it was easy to acquire, and a clinic happened to implant itself in an adjacent office building or a local strip mall, next to an abandoned video store and the Starbucks?”

By Charles Pulliam-Moore – Full Story at


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