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Kickstarter: Alpha Hole Prison Videogame

Alpha Hole Prison

Y Press Games, the company that always delivers crowdfunding rewards on time, has a gay space prison dating sim raising funds on Kickstarter.

The adults only visual novel Alpha Hole Prison stars a lost Earth astronaut sentenced to life in a notorious men’s prison.  Miguel’s only hope for survival is to find a strong boyfriend to protect him.  Several good aliens are available for him to choose from.  If he doesn’t pick someone, he’ll become the prey of the vicious cannibal Viz-Goth. 

There are five inmate love interests and one guard.  Major side characters also offer Miguel the chance for intimacy.  In the end, will Miguel accept his life sentence, escape, or be successful with an appeal?

Alpha Hole Prison launched on Kickstarter in October.  It is the largest amount Y Press Games has ever campaigned for at $40,000.  As long as funding is reached, the game will launch on Steam in June 2021.  

About Y Press Games

Y Press Games makes visual novels within the gay romance genre. Previous games include Mister VersatileMorningdew Farms, and To Trust an Incubus.  

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