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Learn Something – RainbowCon 2015

Educational content at GLBTQ conferences can sometimes be particularly slim. Sure, there are all those fun topics about fandom, and you’ll probably learn something by attending them, but if you’re looking for some content to really sink your teeth into? Most of the time you’ll be out of luck. But not at RainbowCon!

Art Courtesy of Guests of Honor Adam DeKraker & Alex Woolfson

RainbowCon is a four-day conference that focuses on GLBTQ topics and persons across various media. Our main goal with the conference is to bring people together who love and support the GLBTQ community through all the artistic forms. Our content spans from fiction, television, and movies, to fandom, theatre, and visual media like web comics, all with a decidedly QUILTBAG perspective. With GLBTQ topics slowly becoming more visible in the media, education can be exceptionally important, and we wanted to highlight such content at RainbowCon. Here are a few places you’ll see educational material at our 2015 convention, which runs July 16th through 19th, 2015 in Tampa, Florida.

  • First Exposure Panels – We have panels scattered throughout our con schedule that focus on education for topics that might be completely new to some con-goers. There are con-specific panels such as Con Etiquette 101 and Dealing With Con Harassment, for those who are attending a major event for the first time. There are also panels geared toward educating attendees about various parts of the QUILTBAG spectrum that are less visible or misunderstood (e.g. Bisexual Mythbusters, What is Genderqueer?, and the differences between CD/TV/TS). These panels are meant to be introductions to both the con-going and GLBTQ communities.
  • Social & Political Panels – Never ones to shy away from the tougher topics, we’ve incorporated a number of panels into RainbowCon that deal with social and political areas of the GLBTQ community as well. Stop by for discussions about current events, confronting bullying, how to be an ally, marriage equality, queerbaiting, and even tips for getting kids reading QUILTBAG-positive literature.
  • Workshops – For those looking for education on a skill level, writers can enjoy our offering of several workshops intended to improve various aspects of their craft. Perspective/POV, worldbuilding, dialogue, villains… There are plenty of topics to be covered, and we hope writers will have a fantastic time and find every workshop they take to be helpful with their writing, whether it’s a hobby or a full-time career. Just be sure to jump on these; space is limited!
  • Field Trip – Our big field trip for the 2015 event is to take a tour at Tampa Bay’s Big Cat Rescue, which has been providing a sanctuary to big cats from near and far. Even this trip will be an educational experience, as the guides on the tours share the stories of their various feline residents and details about the different species that make up this majestic sect of the animal kingdom. Space on this trip has been filled for the 2015 con, but if you missed out, the BCR is definitely something to check out while you’re in the Tampa area! As residents of the Tampa area who have been on these tours ourselves, we can tell you that it’s truly an experience not to be missed!

So, whether you’re looking for something light and fun, or really want to delve deeper into the more complicated topics of the QUILTBAG community, RainbowCon really is a fantastic chance to expand those horizons in a safe environment amongst others who enjoy and support QUILTBAG art.


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