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Living in a Warming World


Okay, I know this often brings up a lot of angst – the idea that humans living on this planet have created conditions that could lead to run away climate change.

The science is almost 100% unified on this issue – it’s our politics that is still catching up.

Still, we’ve seen a number of recent weather events that, if not caused by climate change, has likely been exacerbated by it. Just this week, I read a story about a hurricane threatening Los Angeles. Not as a direct hit, but by the giant waves it was stirring up out in the Pacific.

Now I’ve lived in California for more than 20 years, and we’re used to the occasional earthquake. But we almost never get tornadoes, and a hurricane is truly unheard of.

So for my question today, have you as a writer factored in climate change in any of your stories? How will climate change impact the world we know today, and how can we go about exploring it in stories about tomorrow? As a reader, have you read me works that have covered this issue?

1 thought on “Living in a Warming World”

  1. If you set a piece of fiction on Earth, or any Earthlike world, climate change is unavoidable. In a novel I wrote for NaNo, the characters’ jobs and even the slang were different in a hotter, rainier world; Pendleton’s, the setting of some stories I’ve done, has had a series of ice ages and is currently in the midst of an interglacial.

    It’s all part of responsible worldbuilding.


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