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Long Secret Diary Could Offer Insight Into Roswell Incident

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A long-hidden diary belonging to a U.S. intelligence officer has rekindled research into the Roswell Incident, the infamous UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, that took place more than 70 years ago.

When a mysterious object slammed into the desert near the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) in July 1947, Maj. Jesse Marcel, an RAAF intelligence officer, was sent to supervise collection of the debris. A press officer at the RAAF issued a statement on July 8 describing “the crash and recovery of ‘a flying disc,'” which many interpreted as evidence of alien contact. But the next day, another army official told reporters that RAAF officers had recovered a weather balloon, not a flying saucer.

Newspaper photos showed Marcel posing with pieces of what appeared to be a shredded high-altitude weather balloon with a radar reflector. But in the decades since, many have speculated about the military’s initial “flying disc” report, wondering if the wreckage was perhaps more unusual than the photos implied. Recently, Marcel’s family revealed that he had kept a diary from that period that might contain clues about the crash, sparking a new investigation by the History Channel in “Roswell: The First Witness,” part of the network’s “History’s Greatest Mysteries” series.

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