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Making Magic


Today we have two topics from QSFers that dovetail rather nicely.

From Angel Martinez: “Magical systems – magic isn’t just ‘magic’ in a well built world. Different ways in which magic ‘works’.”

And from Jim Comer: “Any belief system can be used for magical purposes, right? @Ayn Rand detailed an elaborate quasi-religion called @Objectivism. What dybbuks, haints and vodu spring from Right Principles? Can we do magick by proving that A is A?”

So since we haven’t done a fantasy topic for a bit, I thought it might be fun to discuss magic.

So for our writers out there – how do you build a convincing magical system for your world? Magic can’t be so all-powerful that it can do anything, right? Because then you’d have no story – there have to be limitations.

And for our readers, what Fantasy books, especially LGBT works, have done magic well, and why?


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