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Marvel Greenlights Solo Series for Lesbian Superhero


Marvel just announced at New York Comic-Con that America Chavez, a character who debuted in Young Avengers, will receive a solo comic book series in 2017. That series, called America, will be Marvel’s first solo run about a lesbian superhero.

America, in the Young Avengers comics, was born on the planet Utopia (from another dimension) to her two mothers, who gave her the superpowers that she uses on Earth. Her powers include flight, bulletproof skin, super strength, and inter-dimensional travel. Because her first name is America, she chose Marvel’s moniker “Miss America” as a crime-fighting identity, and has worked with both the Young Avengers and A-Force, Marvel’s all-female Avengers initiative.

Notably, America is more hardheaded, confident, and outspoken than other Marvel heroes her age. Her traumatic childhood hardened her and made her far less patient with the average person than a character like, say, Miss Marvel.

By Emily Gaudette – Full Story at Inverse


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