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Media Crossovers: Sense8

I tripped across this quick article on The LGBT Update regarding the new show Sense8. The article highlights the queer characters and shares a promo video:

SENSE8 – A Sci-Fi Series With Leading LGBT Characters (Netflix)
Known for their science fiction blockbusters (The Matrix franchise, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, etc..), The Wachowski siblings are now taking their epic filmmaking talents to Netflix, in their highly anticipated new sci-fi series Sense8. The global concept of this groundbreaking series surrounds eight strangers, who mysteriously become mentally and physically connected, while being hunted by a unknown organization (which all sounds pretty awesome). Yet the plot is not the only compelling component of this upcoming Netlflix series, since Sense8 also features a highly diverse cast of LGBT characters, rarely seen within the realm of sci-fi media. Some of the notable LGBT characters in Sense8 include

A San Francisco blogger/hacker, who happens to be a trans woman as well (played by trans actress Jamie Clayton)

Nomi’s partner in crime and uber cool queer girlfriend/lover, who’s played by actress Freema Agyeman. The relationship between Nomi and Amanita also presents a refreshing look at a non-hetronormative, queer/lesbian relationship, between a cis-gender and transgender woman (basically two women in love).

A notable telenovela star in Mexico City, who happens to be gay, but not out (played by actor Miguel Angel Silvestre)

See the Full Article (and a promo clip) here


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