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Merry [Insert Holiday Name Here]!


Hey all,

Christmas is around the corner, and since it’s the one Mark and I celebrate (with gifts and egg nog and lots of board games), QSF will be off for a day tomorrow.

But it’s far from the only holiday this month. So tell us which one or ones you celebrate – Festivus, Kwanza, The Solstice, Hanukkah, or something else entirely, and how you do it. :)

Do you do a big family thing? Go out for a movie while the rest of the world is indoors? Order Chinese from the takeout down the street?

Do you tell each other what you are thankful for? Retreat to your writer’s cave and bang out a novel? Or spend it with your chosen family?

Whatever you do and whatever you celebrate, we wish you a simply fabulous holiday.



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2 thoughts on “Merry [Insert Holiday Name Here]!”

  1. We don’t do much these days. I and my sisters all work the Holidays. We will find a Sunday, soon, to all be together and eat dinner then exchange gifts. There is a plan afoot to go see ‘The Movie’. Yes, I’m talking Star Wars. The three of us stood in line for Jedi and Empire. Those were the days.


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