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MF Sex in MM Speculative Fiction

Gay Sci Fi Sex

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Beth Brock:

“Does FF or FM sex have any place in MM sci fi? Always, sometimes, never? And why?”

This kinda goes hand in hand with the question – does MM sex have any place in MM sci fi / fantasy / paranormal. And that leads us to the whole romance spec fic vs. “regular”spec fic.

They are really two different beasts. My take – MM sex is fine (and expected) in romance spec fic, and other variations should be used if/when they forward the story.

In general, in “regular” spec fic (that’s science/magic or plot driven instead of romance driven), sex is appropriate when it forwards the story.

So here are my questions for today: What’s your take? On the romance side, is it a buzz kill to have non MM sex included in a sci fi romance? And on the “regular” spec fic side, is sex appropriate at all?

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