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Mixing Genres

Moretta: Dragonlady of Pern Cover

For today’s topic, I thought we’d do a little cross-genre hopping.

I love reading sci fi with a bit of a Fantasy flair – Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series, for instance, with a sci fi premise but a feudal world. Or some of Peter Hamilton’s books, that combine hard sci fi with a world that’s essentially magic.

So how do y’all feel about mixed genres? A futuristic world with a fantasy feel to it? Or a paranormal with an historical bent? Urban Fantasy on another planet? Or are you a purist?

And what are some of your favorite books that have mixed genres well?

1 thought on “Mixing Genres”

  1. The first novel I ever wrote was a fantasy novel with a sci fi premise. I found it a fascinating way to lend reality to the magic in my world — there was actually a scientific explanation for it.
    I’m all for gender mixing — er, genre mixing. Everything I write is romance, but usually it has at least one other major genre as well.


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