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Money Money Money


Today’s topic comes from QSFer Tam Ames – “Money. Gimme Gimme. How do you deal with that in sci-fi? Did Han Solo have a Visa card? Does everyone used gold pressed latinum? I can barely get my shit together to get the right currency when I’m traveling an hour away, what if I’m going across the galaxy and have never even know this planet exists? Do we just ignore it? Barter? Curious what people have done, if anything.”

With the world moving into epay systems, what will money look like in the future? What will it mean if you can’t afford an epay gadget and the grocery store no longer takes cash or credit cards?

Or will we go hard-core stone-age because of climate change, or nuclear war, or human greed, and be back to beads and shells?

What’s your take on the future of money?


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