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Multiple Minority Status – Serving Up Some Tin Roof Sundae

00732a Tin Roof Sundae HG2

Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Brian Cherry:

I’d like to see more books with characters with multiple minority status, such as a gay person who is also trans, disabled, an ethnic minority, etc.

Brian makes a good point. We have sooooo many stories about young pretty white boys. And don’t get me wrong – I love me some young pretty white boys.

But there are also young pretty black boys. And middle-aged hispanic guys. And Older asian men in wheelchairs. That’s just the MM side. What about asian lesbians? Native American ace characters? Intersex folks who lost an arm in the Iraq war? So many other choices for characters to populate our stories.

So what’s stopping us? Are we so convinced that our readers only like Vanilla? Or can we serve up a little Tin Roof Sundae every now and then?

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