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Music in Sci Fi


Today’s topic comes from QSFer Jim Comer: “Music and musicians in SF/F and the best and worst uses of music in a story.”

Hmmm… I’m thinking about my own extensive reading in mainstream sci fi, and my not-so-extensive reading in LGBT sci fi. For me, in mainstream my favorite would have to be Anne McCaffrey’s “Crysta; Singer” series – I loved how the main character, Killishandra, used her voicde to tune the crystals, and how the harmonics during a storm could drive you crazy.

She also taught me what perfect pitch was.

In MM, I really liked Angel Martinez’s Vasilly and his connection to music in Vassily the Beautiful.

How about y’all? What stories have you read that used music effectively in a Sci Fi setting, or used it poorly? And how would YOU use it?

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