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NATURE: Tiny Animal Superpowers

ant and dog - pixabay

Nature documentaries showcase the most exciting moments of daily life in the natural world, and a new series reveals that survival for some of the tiniest creatures can be as harrowing, suspenseful and dramatic as it is for big animals.

Apple TV+’s “Tiny World” introduces a fresh look at how the world looks when glimpsed from the point of view of its smallest wildlife inhabitants, such as minuscule scampering lizards; wee flyers like bees, dragonflies and hummingbirds; and rainforest primates that are so small they’re dwarfed by a katydid.

The series is narrated by actor Paul Rudd, who embraced the power of the very small when he played the title character in the movie “Ant-Man” (Marvel Studios, 2015), acquiring superpowers that stemmed from the capabilities — and size — of an ant.

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