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New Release: Regifted – Kim Fielding

Regifted - Kim Fielding

QSFer Kim Fielding has a new MM holiday fantasy romance out: Regifted.

It’s December, and although Chrys Carvalho loves his home among the trees in the California Sierras, he’s a little lonely. While trying to find a new owner for a motorcycle—gifted by Chrys to his late husband—he meets handsome rancher Monroe Ogden. Monroe would dearly love to own the bike, but it’s out of his budget. In the spirit of the holidays, Chrys offers the motorcycle as a gift—and gets a new friend in return.

When friendship turns to something more, Chrys must decide whether to keep his secrets or reveal his true nature. Can love and trust, like the motorcycle, be given more than once?

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Chrys dared another look at the newcomer, who remained in place. It wasn’t just that he was good-looking; he also wasn’t the sort of person who normally came into the gallery. It was hard to imagine him hanging cubist paintings on his walls. Which was a stereotype, Chrys knew that. But still.

There was a temporary lull at the cash register, so Chrys came out from behind the wrap counter and approached the man. He wasn’t as tall as Chrys—few people were—but he certainly wasn’t short. He carried a faint odor of hay and old grease, neither of which Chrys found distasteful, and he was even better-looking up close.

“Can I help you?”

The man grinned. “You think I’m gonna break shit. Or steal something.”

That was uncomfortably close to the truth, so Chrys managed an apologetic expression. “You, um, don’t seem to be here for browsing. Are you looking for something?”

“Someone, actually. And maybe I’ve found him.” He gave Chrys a long up-and-down look. “Chrys Carvalho?”


“Yeah, it’s gotta be you. Bobbi said a really tall dude with tan skin, and she said you worked here on Saturdays.”

“I guess that’s me.”

The man’s grin intensified. “I’m Monroe Ogden. Bobbi said you have a bike for sale?”

Oh. That made more sense, although Chrys still didn’t understand why Monroe was here in the gallery. “Why didn’t you just call me? The motorcycle’s not here in town.”

That is an excellent question. Bobbi was being cryptic. She said you have a bike for sale and I’d love it, but I can’t afford it, but I should go see it anyway. She wouldn’t give me your number but said I should waylay you here at the gallery. I dunno why, man.” He shrugged. “But I didn’t mind an excuse to drive up this way, so I figured what the hell. Might as well give it a shot.”

Then he just stood there looking expectant, as if Chrys might produce a motorcycle from his back pocket.

Bobbi was up to something, but Chrys didn’t know what. Anyway, Monroe was here. And he was very handsome.

Author Bio

Kim Fielding is very pleased every time someone calls her eclectic. Winner of the 2021 BookLife Prize for Fiction, a Lambda Award finalist and three-time Foreword INDIE finalist, she has migrated back and forth across the western two-thirds of the United States and currently lives in California, where she long ago ran out of bookshelf space.

She’s a university professor who dreams of being able to travel and write full time. She also dreams of having two daughters who fully appreciate her, a husband who isn’t obsessed with football, a cat who doesn’t tromp over her keyboard, and a house that cleans itself. Some dreams are more easily obtained than others.

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