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New Release: Regi’s Huuman – Lyn Gala

Regi's Huuman - Lyn Gala

QSFer Lyn Gala has a new MM sci-fi book out, Gods of Misfortune book 1: Regi’s Huuman.

Regi has settled into a comfortable life away from his home and family and gods.  By choosing to leave the Empire, he chose to leave all those behind and live alone and godless.  He still claimed to follow Poque, goddess of wanderers, but he doesn’t expect her to notice him as he serves on Coalition ships. However, when an improbable series of events strands his ship near a black hole with no engines, no communication, and a pirate ship in the area, he must wonder if the gods’ first blessing—misfortune—has found him.  If so, he needs to find the second blessing that follows, or the entire crew will die.

Dante had a rather uncomfortable life until aliens kidnapped him, and then it turned downright miserable, but when a ship shows up claiming to be law-enforcement from the Coalition, he wonders if life might improve.  The security chief is kind with an expressive face and velvety skin, not that he’s noticing any of that.  It’s just that he’s been alone for a long time and having someone touch him with kindness is stirring feelings Dante hasn’t felt for a long time. However, he doesn’t have time for foolishness when they’re on a pirate ship and trying to escape certain death. Danger first, deciding how to ask an alien out on a date second.

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“I am Regi.” He hesitated before giving his full name. “Regi a’Poque de Minait a’Otutha qee Pertin e Rel.” He watched. If this male knew any Kowri, he might react to the names of the gods. He didn’t. Regi wasn’t going to sit on the floor with a criminal who smelled like he’d fallen into the dung heap behind a temple. He touched the release for the bunk, and the edge popped open and promptly got stuck. Regi smothered a curse before jerking the blessed bed open.

In the scant second he was distracted, the pirate surged forward and a long arm with an odd number of digits slammed into Regi’s side, pinning Regi between the wall and a stinking and faintly moist body.

“Let me out of here or I’ll kill you.”

“If you kill me, someone will lock you in a small room for however long your species lives,” Regi said with a pained wheeze.

“What is this place?”

That was an odd change of topic, but since the pirate was pushing against Regi’s injured side, Regi decided to forgive any odd verbal detours. “This is a medical holding area. Our doctor does not recognize your species, but she is concerned that you may have fragile breathing apparatus.”

“Fragile… what? Who the fuck are you?”

Bringing the concept of copulation into the conversation was both confusing and slightly alarming. Regi was not attracted to moist aliens who smelled of dung. “I am the fuck Regi a’Poque de Minait a’Otutha qee Pertin e Rel.” In his security classes, instructors recommended mirroring the language of a suspect to de-escalate the violence. Regi could only hope his own reference to copulation was not taken as an invitation.

Author Bio

Lyn Gala started writing in the back of her science notebook in third grade and hasn’t stopped since. Westerns starring men with shady pasts gave way to science fiction with questionable protagonists, which eventually became any story with a morally ambiguous character. Even the purest heroes have pain and loss and darkness in their hearts, and that’s where she likes to find her stories. Her characters seek to better themselves and find the happy (or happier) ending.

When she isn’t writing, Lyn Gala teaches history in a small town in New Mexico. Her favorite spot to write is a flat rock under a wide tree on the edge of the open desert where her dog can terrorize local wildlife. Writing in a wide range of genres, she often gravitates back to adventure, science fiction, and stories about men in search of true love and a way to bring some criminal to justice…unless they happen to be the criminals.

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