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NEW RELEASE: Renegade Angel – Laura navarre

Renegade Angel - Laura Navarre

QSFer Laura Navarre has a new queer sci-fi romance out (bi, poly): Renegade Angel.

Four warring races. Three men she can never trust. And one galactic armageddon only their forbidden passion can prevent.

In the icy depths of space, a galactic mating contest is turning deadly, and the stakes are atomic armageddon. To unite four warring races, rebel princess-turned-cybergirl Kaia chooses the most dangerous possible mate in Zorin—a sexy, scourge-of-the-galaxy space pirate. Yet she’s seriously tempted by Dex, the imperial enforcer who’s Zorin’s ultimate nemesis…and his mouthwatering obsession. Kaia burns for both of them, but Dex and Zorin are lethal enemies. And the galaxy’s most powerful telepath, the mesmerizing lover who betrayed her and nearly destroyed her, is a major distraction for all three of them.

Can two mortal rivals defy a star-spanning empire that crucifies men for unconventional unions? Can a runaway princess dare to trust the enigmatic lover who abandoned her to scandal and disgrace? With the fate of billions now poised in the balance, can four fiercely distrustful allies survive a savage mating contest, navigate an interstellar war, and consummate the explosive passion between them…without dying in the flames?

Renegade Angel is an epic, hyper-sexy, polyamorous MMMF space opera/sci fi romance and Book 2 in the Astral Heat Romance universe, where Star Wars meets 50 Shades by way of The Hunger Games. Renegade can be read as a standalone. For maximum pleasure, Interstellar Angel (Book 1) is also available. Laura Navarre delivers turbocharged outer space action with a fearless heroine, three bi heroes, a cliffhanger series that ends with a guaranteed happily-ever-after, and a whole lot of heat.

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If Zorin’s living room was a Mogadon reactor, the core was about to go critical.

Kaia stood riveted just inside the door like her boots were bolted to the floor. With Dex at her back, hands hard and possessive at her waist, breath harsh with craving in her ear. Watching one of her five favorite fantasies play out in real life.

The one where Ben focused all that formidable sex appeal and seductive skill he’d honed over a decade as a Valyrian stud pony on making Zorin lose his steady-eddie composure and unchaining the ruthless, tenderly violent savage that lurked just beneath her space pirate’s easygoing exterior.

And Ben had definitely done it.

All tattoos and leather stretched over a mouthwatering expanse of muscle, Zorin pivoted from where he’d trapped Ben in the corner to confront them, massive chest heaving with effort, rugged face ruthless with arousal, lidded eyes burning with intent.

“About time you two turned up.” He dragged a rough hand through his hair. “We were, uh, waiting for you. At least, one of us was waiting.”

He slanted Ben a look that smoked with wrathful purpose—the silent promise that he fully intended to give Ben Nero everything he’d just been begging for.

And then some.

Ben took his time smoothing back his raven hair and disentangling himself gracefully from Zorin’s looming body. Looking sullen and debauched as a rock star, all gorgeously disheveled and barefoot, erection shoving against skin-tight black breeches. Not at all daunted by the pirate’s hard hand still gripping his shoulder.

Pinning him to the wall like a sand wolf claiming captured prey.

Claiming him every way he could.

An aura of sexual aggression, charged with relentless intent, crackled in the air between her two lovers.

Asteroids, it’s hot in here.

“We’re fully aware you were waiting.” Humor and arousal mingled with irritation in Dex’s voice. His arms tightened around Kaia, easing her cybersuited derrière against his fully erect cock. “An awareness attributable to the fact that you were… I believe you’d call it…projecting? I’ve, ah, been listening in since halfway over on the shuttle.”

“Aw, shoot.” Clearly chagrined, Zorin scrubbed a hand over the back of his neck. “Sorry, kid. All this mind-reading mumbo-jumbo’s still pretty new to me.”

“He didn’t mind,” Kaia murmured. “And give yourself some credit. When it comes to telepathy, big guy, you’re a damn quick study. Ben wasn’t making it easy for you either, was he?”

Fighting to contain a smile while her Syndax was still so obviously worried over both of them and their supposedly injured feelings—a preoccupation she adored in him—she let her attention wander over his dangerously aroused body.

All Ben had really done was gotten him good and ready. Ready for all three of them.

She loved Ben for that.

“You’re welcome.” Ben’s wry whisper sounded in her head. “Since you’re feeling all grateful, angel, why don’t the two of you shimmy over here and show me just how grateful you’re both prepared to be?”

Author Bio

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, Laura Navarre was an award-winning dark historical romance author for Harlequin, while her diabolical twin Nikki Navarre wrote sexy spy romance. In a daring bid to escape a global pandemic, armed only with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction and a professional background in weapons of mass destruction, Laura voyaged through a wormhole to an alternate universe where she crafts turbocharged, epic, queer sci fi romance starring three super-sexy bi heroes, one seriously kickass heroine and plenty of sleek, sizzling outer space action.

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