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New Release: Seer Quest Covenant: Legend of the Ancients – Deonne Dane

Seer Quest Covenant: Legend of the Ancients

QSFer Deonne Dane has a new MM fantasy romance out, Books of Locurnia book 3: Seer Quest Covenant: Legend of the Ancients.

A fledgling seer. A cataclysmic vision. Can he convince the fated warrior to stand between their people and impending doom?

Meran Durante is on a knife’s edge. Tormented by the visions of Locurnia burning, and the horrific fate of Patrice, his beloved sister, Meran confronts the one man destined to stop the slaughter. Yet facing the fascinating, but ruthless, Leon Ricci, a perilous attraction sparking between them morphs to dangerous contention, bringing all Meran’s plans crashing down.

Fear laces Lord Marshal Leon Ricci’s rage. His rising interest for the handsome Durante withers at the youth’s blatant attempt to suborn him with knowledge no man should possess. Secrets that would leave his clan, and all he cares for, in jeopardy.

With time running short before Lord Ricci returns to his stronghold, Meran fears he’ll be unable to alter the magnetic man’s misconceptions before the future’s deadly events overwhelm them all.
Can Meran bring the implacable Ricci to heel or will his mistake force Leon to reject taking that first step on the quest destined to save their world?

Seer Quest: Covenant is the action-packed third book in the LGBTQ Legend of the Ancients, Books of Locurnia Fantasy series. If you like epic quests, fantasy laced with high heat romance, and clashing protagonists then you’ll love Deonne Dane’s magic-filled adventure.

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Meran sighed. He had swum in the River of Time on that blessed ethereal plain called Elysia. He had foreseen Ricci’s hand wrapped around the ultimate prize and felt the future course through his body. Yet here he was, the preeminent medium, having to prove himself again. But Meran could overrule Lord Marshal Ricci’s every doubt.

He smiled, his eyes flashing a challenge. “There is a glade, an isolated spot amidst Farnham’s thick forests, though within walking distance of your hometown. In summer, its verge is lined with tasty mushrooms; small, hard apples fall to moulder upon the ground from the gnarled fruit trees dotting its course. There is one spot amidst the tall grasses that bears a flush of borage. The seeds were in her dress—”

Surging from his seat, Ricci grasped a fistful of the clothes at Meran’s throat and yanked him upward as easily as if he were a child. Meran clasped the lord marshal’s hand as it dragged him closer to his furious expression. The Mavish’s aggression burned from behind Ricci’s pale eyes.

Meran tried not to panic.

A hum of chatter rose from their surrounds, followed by the clatter of furniture and the scraping of chairs. Ignoring all, Meran leaned into the Mavish’s harsh grip. “Prove me false,” he said.

He stared into the daggers of the warrior’s gaze even as a maelstrom of disbelief and uncertainty swirled within to tie Ricci’s tongue.

“I know the names of those to whom you brought misery.” Meran would give Ricci no choice but to believe in his veracity.

“You will be silent, you lying pissant.”

“Eain and Loni,” Meran continued. “I have seen the misfortune that befell that man of your township… A man you had called friend. A man you would have called more if you could—”

Hostility as dark and dangerous as a fiery tempest rolled through the Mavish’s eyes. “You. Will. Be. Silent!” The warrior’s fingers imprisoning Meran by his shirt collar slid over his skin, stealing his voice.

Fear hit.

Oh gods! The revelation had been madness. Meran quashed his rising panic. He was far from helpless. Hooking one of the warrior’s constricting fingers, Meran wrenched it backwards.

“Curse you, bastard!” followed a resounding snap. Meran reared free from the Mavish’s loosening grip, though a thundercloud of ominous rage rolled over the warrior’s expression. His fists clenched despite the pain of his broken finger.

“Lord Marshal Ricci. Hold!” Meran raised arms in supplication. He could not retreat, no matter how his instinct screamed for him to do it. He could not let the confrontation degenerate into a fight he had no hope of winning. That would not help his cause. “Hold, I beg. Despite what you think, this is not the reason for my coming here.”

“Who put you up to this?” Ricci demanded.

“No one—”

“I’ll have that name. See if I don’t. No one threatens me with such libel.”

“I am here of my own volition…” Meran may have spoken only the truth, but it was an unwelcome one, and he cursed himself for his misstep.

Ricci lunged.

Meran flung his hands high, the heavy table between them his only salvation.

“Sir, I am not here to slander you but to offer a chance for you to save the world.” Meran modulated his tone to the pleasant timbre that held many of those he knew in thrall better than any magic. “This is a matter of the greatest import. A quest of the most extraordinary proportions which must fail without your aid. I am here to make you an offer.”

“I am no mercenary. I am a lord marshal, and I will have the name of my accuser or do not think to leave this place in one piece.”

“Damn you, man!” Meran banged his fist on the table. “I am he that accuses you. I am a seer, by the gods! You dare to threaten me.”

His success seemed impossible now, even though Meran had assumed the victory assured. How? How had he managed to persuade this obstinate man to secure the future he needed to save those he loved?

Author Bio

Born in New Zealand, Deonne grew up on a diet of genie’s and witches and space adventure. Not vampires, not then anyway, they were too scary. Back in that day they definitely didn’t sparkle.

She spent hours scribbling her version of fanfic in exercise books, on lined refill and coloured notepaper. But then she discovered epic fantasy; Eddings, Kerr, Donaldson & Brooks and felt she had come home.

Later, as happens with most people, she let herself be diverted by the mundanity of adulthood; marriage, widowhood, remarriage, children, separation and even earthquakes, until she remembered the thing she was missing. Thus began her journey into the world of Locurnia.

With family in the queer community and her developing passion for all things MM she decided to marry these two loves together.

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