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New Release: Shaman of Heaven and Hell – Chris Kim

Shaman of Heaven and Hell - Chris Kim

QSFer Chris Kim has a new queer horror book out (bi, gay): Shaman of Heaven and Hell.

As the last surviving shaman of his Korean lineage, death’s specter has pushed Adrian Shin-Ward into self-imposed isolation.

That is, until a chance encounter with Bram Lyght, an attractive young man with a peculiar aura, hooks the reserved university student’s interest.

But Adrian isn’t the only one drawn to Bram. An obsessed sociopath from Bram’s past is out of prison and burning a path of destruction to reach him again.

To protect Bram, Adrian must unearth a disturbing truth about the power inside him.

Is it really the salvation he’s hoping for?

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The overhead speakers’ pop music has taken over, along with the general din of the Friday night crowd. To be heard, Bram leans toward him, voice raised, somehow smelling wintergreen despite his clothes and hair being drenched in sweat. Jason would term this an invitation to nowhere. After all, Adrian isn’t Bram’s type, but then, what does it matter if Bram’s inviting him to his place?

“I got you covered,” Bram says. Before Adrian can figure out what’s going on, Bram hands his credit card to the bartender with instructions to charge Adrian’s drinks to it. “Don’t worry. It’s cool that you came to check me out.”

Adrian goes hot at the unintentional double entendre. Was it unintentional? With the rapid-fire pace events are unfolding, he can’t tell, can barely put together if this falls under the category of Bad Ideas. He opens his mouth to respond with whatever words his drunk brain pitches, failing to sort through them before Bram’s talking again.

“This is super embarrassing to admit. I’ve got an ADHD Swiss cheese brain, so please don’t take offense, but I’ve already forgotten your name.”

“Adrian.” Now say something else. Quick!

“Right. Adrian. How did I forget that? Let me help the guys pack up and we’ll get going, Adrian.” Bram collects his card and signs the receipt after adding a tip. He considers his beer, a finger tapping the bar counter as he does, and with a tiny shrug, drains the rest of his glass.“Be back in a moment. Adrian.”

This is one of those moments where he wishes he could call Bo or at least text her.“Insanely hot man asking me back to his place!! What the hell is going on right now??”

She’d probably text him back, “You’re leaving alone with a stranger?! Serial killers exist!”

He might be brave enough to text her back,“He’s NOT a stranger. There were sparks,” despite knowing how incredibly stupid that sounds. Even if she’s out of touch with dating in modern society, never mind cultural norms in the United States, it’d be nice to have another person’s perspective. He knows he’s too impaired to make sensible decisions and uninhibited enough that he wants to go with Bram anyway. Screw consequences.

Adrian chugs the rest of his glass and sets it on the counter, giving serious consideration to one more, just to soothe his nerves. Before he decides, Bram plunks down next to him and rakes fingers through bangs that keep falling into his eyes, the other hand splayed on the bar’s countertop.

“Ready to go? Mark won’t be back tonight, so we got the house to ourselves.”

What is going on here? Sobriety chisels at his skull, sharp taps ringing with each blow. Ting. How is this happening? Ting. People avoid Adrian. Ting. They don’t touch him or smile at him. Ting. Why the hell would Bram give Adrian the time of day, much less invite him to his house?

Wait for it. Bram’s going to start laughing,‘Did you think I was serious?’, and then it’ll make sense.

“Hey. You okay? I’m… no? You don’t want to? Is it because of my girlfriend? If it’s about my girlfriend, our relationship isn’t doing all that hot right now. Bro, I mean Adrian, please say something before you make me question myself.”

Adrian lays his hand over Bram’s. Colorful wisps burst from the point of contact. He pulls back and meets Bram’s gaze, heart fluttering when Bram’s relieved smile widens.

“Is it a yes?”

“Yeah.” Blood pounds through him as he steps blindfolded to the edge of a cliff, ready to step out, no matter what’s there.“Let’s go.”

Author Bio

Once Chris Kim earned her MA in applied linguistics, she was left wondering, ‘What now?’ A desire for self-renewal led to her accepting a university teaching position in Daegu, South Korea. While there, she gained a new cultural perspective, particularly when she married into the Kim family. Her father-in-law gifted her with the name “Kim Sujeong,” translated as crystal (or, as her husband tells her, “white quartz”). After six years, she returned to the Tampa Bay area with her family and now teaches English to immigrants.

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