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New Release: Vale – C.J. Dragon

Vale - C.J. Dragon

QSFer C.J. Dragon has a new MM sci-fi book out: Vale.

Vale Darrow likes routine. He likes knowing what will happen on each of his days, and isn’t fond of surprises or upheaval of any kind.

He lives alone in a house he loves. He expects to always be alone because he isn’t an easy person to know. He never expects that to change, until it does.

After serving for many years the Companion to the Oracle dies. The Oracle reaches out, in his grief, touching on an unsuspecting Vale. With that touch, everything changes. 

Vale swears he will not give in to the Oracle if chosen as Companion.

Will the Oracle force him to accept a life cut off from everything and everyone he loves? Or will Vale choose death rather than submit to the Oracle’s whims?Please see inside for warnings!

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Finhom had been colonized for over five hundred years as reckoned in Earth years.

The planet had been chosen for unremarkable reasons. It was a Class M planet, capable of sustaining human life. There was abundant water, stable climate, a sun without faults such as large solar flares or storms. When the generation ship arrived, they found a haven without large predators, and ample natural plant growth. Repeat scans showed no life with high intelligence, only small animals, multiple insects. and amphibians.

The colonists were from every race, gender, and sexual orientation. All possessed several skills and high adaptability, as well as intelligence and the drive to succeed. They were committed to living with the land, utilizing technology, but not being slaves to it.

The colony utilized solar energy for its needs, piping water from the source now called Lake Vivian, Water was recycled as was everything usable. The colonists were governed by a council elected by ballot every two years. There were no political parties. Election was based on how well you did your job, and how well you served the community. All were eligible as long as they were eighteen years or older.

The planet was named Finhom as an abbreviation of the words Final Home for there would be no going back to Earth. The first town established was called Haven for indeed it was – a paradise of peace, a literal haven of good. They had found heaven in the midst of the stars, waiting for them.

Too late they discovered they were not alone. Finhom came with a price, paid with a freely given life.

What the Oracle asked for, it was given. Without question, without recourse. Rituals and behaviors grew up to assist with this exchange until it was all shrouded in mystery, a boogie man to scare the children, a demon to haunt the dreams of adults.

The Oracle took only adults past their prime reproductive years so all under forty were exempt. The Companion to the Oracle was chosen by lottery when the current Companion died, usually after a long life in service to the enigmatic entity. The Oracle usually chose several for its first testing, then, through whatever arcane process, chose one to serve him.

No one had died in the choosing for several decades. That was never spoken of, never remembered.

No Companion had ever complained or made demands.

Until now.

Author Bio

C.J. has always been an avid reader of anything in print, enjoying all genres but drawn to science fiction and romance.

Happily introduced to the wonderful world of M/M romance, and immediately loving it. C.J. began writing M/M romances, incorporating them in her science fiction stories, and has never looked back.

She lives in North Carolina and is happily married to her wife and soulmate, who is a writer as well. C.J. is co-parent to Frankie, also known as the Prince of Darkness, who keeps a benevolent paw over all that occurs in the home.

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