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New Release: Writing Fantasy – C.J. Solomon

Writing Fantasy - C. J. Solomon

QSFer C.J. Solomon has a new non-fiction fantasy book out: Writing Fantasy.

Are you a fantasy author who wants to create more vivid worlds or give them greater depth? If so, this is the book you have been waiting for. Subjects covered include:

  • How to create complex characters and an epic cast
  • Detailed lists of intelligent fantasy beings from myths and the world of fantasy, including celestial and paranormal species
  • How to create a celestial world and an underworld
  • Planning a novel
  • Ideas for plots, sub-plots, plot twists and book themes
  • Twenty-seven individual sub-sections on creating every aspect of a fantasy culture, from its history and jobs to its level of technology
  • Another five sub-sections on creating a planet, from geography to different realms to the effects of the sun(s) and moon(s) on the planet
  • Seven sub-sections about every aspect of creating a magic system
  • A list of fantasy creatures and how to create your own
  • Find inspiration and add an extra layer to your writing by using real myths, legends, folktales, historical events and stories of the paranormal
  • Eighteen detailed sub-sections on fantasy subgenres
  • Ideas to help you market your books
  • Twelve templates that you can use again and again every time you begin a new fantasy novel or series, that let you take the ideas in the book and turn them into something unique of your own

This is the perfect book for writers of fantasy. Get your copy now so that you can take your writing to a whole new level.

Please note that only the paperback version is illustrated.

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his book is less about telling you how to write and more about guiding you through the three central parts of characters, plot and worldbuilding. I have read a lot of worldbuilding books and articles that list all the questions you should be asking about different facets of the culture you are creating and they are a great starting point, but lists of hundreds of questions can make the work more daunting than ever. Sometimes it is good to have help with the answers too. For that reason, I have included as many suggestions as possible – many of them in the form of lists – to help give you ideas for specific aspects. These include lists of intelligent fantasy species, celestial races, underworld races and fantasy creatures. They also include ideas for different aspects of worldbuilding, such as lists of jobs people might have, education subjects, weapons and types of political systems you could use. This way you can focus on creating a few unique aspects and rely on this book to assist you with the rest.

The worldbuilding section will help you to decide what aspects of the culture you need to create in detail and which parts you can just give basic information about. If your novel is about a human thief who falls in love with an elf then you will need to know a lot about the elf’s culture but you might only need a bit of information about how the world is ruled. If your story is set in the ruler’s palace you will need detailed knowledge of your world’s politics. There are more worldbuilding ideas, as well as plot and character suggestions, in the section on fantasy subgenres.

The sections and sub-sections are all labelled and listed in the contents to make it easier for you to dip into the book in the future and find exactly what you need to help you with other novels or stories.

Author Bio

C. J. Solomon writes fiction as well as non-fiction. Her novels, which include historical mysteries, gay romance and Young Adult fantasy books, are self-published under the names Clare Solomon and Clare Jayne – Jane being her middle name.

Clare was born in Hertfordshire, England and gradually moved further and further north before settling in the Highlands of Scotland, a quiet rugged part of the world that she loves.

Clare runs an editing business and enjoys suggesting revisions to other people’s books more than editing her own. She has an English & Communications degree and is as fascinated by understanding the elements of what makes a great novel as by writing fiction.

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