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1 thought on “News: The Flying Cars Are Finally Here (in Concept)”

  1. I have doubts about the environmental friendly bit as I cannot believe that in plane mode we are looking at anything like the energy efficiency of the current average car. It looks like from the photos that it is using jet engines for power and if they are used for both flying and ground transportation modes the thing is going to be a fuel hog of the first order. Small jet engines tend to be fuel hogs. The carbon footprint would be a disaster.

    Also can you imagine trying to SAFELY have 100,000+ flying into any major city daily. The air traffic control would require a quantum leap in capability compared to current air traffic control for commercial and private aircraft in and near metropolitan airports. Aircraft maintenance standards are much stricter than automotive for safety reasons and that would require much more expensive ENFORCED maintenance requirements for a multi-use surface and flying vehicle.


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